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Divorce Under Hindu Law

By Simran, CNLU, Patna Editor’s Note: Divorce means the dissolution of marriage by a competent court. This paper discusses divorce under Hindu Law. It analyses how the concept was non-existent under ancient law due to the sacramental nature of marriage but was introduced under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. It […]

Emerging Trends of E-Commerce & Challenges to the Consumer Protection Act, 1986

By A Gowri Nair & K.M. Aiswarya, School Of Legal Studies, CUSAT “Editor’s Note: Today, there are no boundaries in the business world. Technology has cured the problems posed by geographical limitations. Business is largely being conducted online, where buying and selling is taking place through the electronic medium. E-commerce is preferred […]

A Critical Overview Of Offences Against Women Under The Indian Penal Code

By Jibin Mathew George, Tushar Bhardwaj, Siddhartha Srivasatava, Amity Law School, Delhi “Editor’s Note: In the wake of increasing crime against women, there is an incessant discussion about the laws that deal with offenses against women. The marital offenses against women include bigamy, adultery, criminal elopement among others. The one that is […]

Doctrine of Duress

By Rajshree Lohia, Christ Law University, Bangalore “Editor’s Note: Free Consent is one of the most important essentials of a valid contract. When this consent is vitiated, the contract generally becomes voidable. Consent can be vitiated through duress. In simple terms, duress means any form of coercion or threat that is […]

Precautionary Principle

By Harpreet Kaur, UILS, Chandigarh “Editor’s Note: The precautionary principle has been adopted universally in different environmental instruments. It states that if there is risk of severe damage to humans and the environment, absence of incontrovertible, conclusive, or definite scientific proof is not a reason for inaction. This principle shifts the […]

Biodiversity Act, 2002: An Analysis

By Udisha Ghosh and Chandralekha Akkiraju, Symbiosis Law School, Pune “Editor’s Note: Biodiversity assumes immense significance for the survival of human beings because we depend on it even for our most basic needs like food and medicines. India houses a substantial portion of the world’s biodiversity. But India did not have […]