Fascism: Origin, Features And Connotations

By Arham Siddiqui, National Law University Odisha                                                                       Editor’s Note: In this project, efforts have been made to explain the concept of fascism, its origin and development in various countries of the world. A detailed study of its … [Read more...]

Role of Judiciary in Rape cases

By Bhavana Sharma, Department of Laws, H.P.U., Shimla Editor's Note:Rape is one of the most heinous crimes and is often described as the “beginning of a nightmare” for the victim. In this paper, efforts have been made to identify how judiciary being the third pillar of the Constitution has played … [Read more...]

Juvenile Justice Act: A Socio-legal Study

By Shraddha Agrawal, Chanakya National Law University Editor's Note: Almost all the countries have developed a juvenile justice system to deal with their young offenders. In India, this issue has been in the highlight lately, with discussions on their problems and related issues at various forums. … [Read more...]

Constitutionality of Media Trials in India: A Detailed Analysis

By Nimisha Jha, NLIU, Bhopal       Editor’s Note: Media plays a vital role in moulding the opinion of the society and it is capable of changing the whole viewpoint through which people perceive various events. Heinous crimes must be condemned and the media would be justified in calling for the … [Read more...]

Right to Information Act: A Multi-Dimensional Approach towards Good Governance

By Kartik Kachhawah, R.N Patel School of Law and Justice Editor’s Note: The Right to Information Act, 2005 is considered to be one of the leading welfare oriented laws enacted after independence. The act provides for a modus operandi to acquire information from public authorities regarding the … [Read more...]

A Critical Analysis of The Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India Bill, 2013

By Kiruthika D, The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Chennai Editor's Note: On 23 January 2003, India ratified the Cartagena Protocol which protects biodiversity from potential risks of genetically modified organisms. Currently, the Genetic Engineering Approvals Committee, a body under the … [Read more...]

The Role of International Financial Institutions in Developing and Least Developed Countries

Financial Institutions 3

By Modi Umangkumar Champaklal, NLIU, Bangalore Editor's Note : International financial Institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are facing varied economical, financial, political, social and environmental issues today. Their role with regards to the administration … [Read more...]