All knowledge is useful.

That’s the ethos of Academike, the online law journal and knowledge database brought to you by Lawctopus.

Every semester thousands of law students in India engage in an exercise called ‘writing projects’. These are anywhere from 1000-10,000 word projects; anywhere from very well researched to plagiarized from Wikipedia.

Many students also make subject ‘notes’ which go waste after being a. carefully guarded from others or b. shared with everyone in class.

Where do all of these projects and subject notes go? Do these go waste? 

Even if not all projects are works of exceptional piece of writing and research, these can serve as a good starting point, a good literature review, a good over-view to build upon.

Some of these are actually exceptional works, and deserve a wider audience and comments from those who care.

Academike intends to provide all this.

Academike will serve as a platform to publish legal research papers  and notes of  all kinds. 

With our free and open access policy and liberal commenting guidelines, the research papers can be studied and commented upon by anyone with an access to internet.

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  1. I am a law graduate.As it is a platform for students,so can I submit any legal article ?Please let me know.I want to help students with law notes.


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