Day: November 15, 2015

Excessive Extra Territoriality of Competition Laws: A Failed Harmonization

Harshini Jhothiraman Editor’s Note: Regulatory mechanisms in every country work perfectly until before they overlap each other resulting in a conflict of laws. Ironically, international laws have attempted and failed in trying to harmonize the extraterritorial application of competition laws in resolving disputes. The efforts of the WTO in resolving […]

Arbitrary Powers to Army

Nimesh Kumar Choudhury Editor’s Note:Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958(AFSPA) was an act created after independence to protect the disturbed or terror affected areas. It was a small act of 6 sections which gave immense powers to military to take actions against the wrong in disturbed areas. It has a […]

Interplay Between Competition Law And IPR In Its Regulation Of Market

Shubhodip Chakraborty Editor’s Note: Markets are governed by different regulatory mechanisms. One of the important objectives of the mechanism is to strike a reasonable balance between the conflicting interests among the various stakeholders. Free market operates automatically because of unregulated supply and demand of basic needs without much intervention of […]