Day: May 7, 2015

Media trial: freedom of speech v. fair trial

Shabnam Saidalavi, School of Legal Studies, Cochin Editor’s note: Freedom of expression is a fundamental right that goes to the very heart of individual identity and collective interaction. Freedom of the media has been a contentious issue, especially when it involves scrutinizing a free trial. This paper examines the past and […]

Precedents as a source of law

By Priyan Garg Amity University, Uttar Pradesh Editor’s note: The judiciary adjudicates the rights and obligations of the citizens, as per legislation, customs as well as a sense of justice. Judges often also take guidance from previous decisions and rely on past interpretations of questions of law. Such instances or […]

Inquiries And Investigation By Administration

– Nilesh Bhardwaj                               INTRODUCTION To enable the administration to discharge effectively the multifarious functions entrusted to it, it needs to exercise broad powers of conducting investigation and inquiry into various matters. The primary purpose of this technique is to collect information with a view to decide upon a further […]

Winds of Change: Safety of Women

  -Sumit Kumar Suman, CNLU   INTRODUCTION             The terms “winds of change” may be interpreted in the broad sense. It may interpret as in respect of Indian Legal system, Indian Judicial system, Indian culture and Society as well and winds of change for women in India and in politics. […]

Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Role of Supreme Court of India

-Saksham Dwivedi, CNLU INTRODUCTION Hazardous substances pervade modern industrialized societies. Indian industry generates, uses, and discards toxic substances. Day by day the increasing use of technology to the make the human life easy has an equal and opposite reaction in form of claiming lives in case of mis-handling of those […]