Day: April 4, 2015

Economic Scams in India

Anonymous Editor’s note: India has been home to several scams post 1992, resulting to losses amounting to lakhs of crores of rupees to the economy. These include, in reverse chronological order, the 2G scam, Satyam Scandal, UTI Scam, Fodder scam, and the Harshat Mehta scam. Scams may be defined as […]

Position of Promoter in India: Critical analysis

By Sumit Kumar Suman, CNLU Editor’s Note: For the purpose of formation of a company there must be a process and that involves several stages. the first stage in the process is the promotion. At this stage the idea of carrying on a business is conceived by a person called promoters. […]

Use Of Case Diary In Investigation

-Sumit Kumar Suman, CNLU Introduction Under   the   provision   of   Section   172   Cr.P.C. every   Police   Officer   conducting investigation shall maintain a record of investigation done on each day in a Case Diary in the prescribed Form. Case   Diaries   are   important   record   of   investigation   carried   out   by   an   Investigating   Officer.   Any Court   […]

Indemnity And Agency

-Sumit Kumar Suman, CNLU Introduction Indemnity can be treated as a sub-species of compensation and a Contract of Indemnity is a species of contracts. The obligation to indemnify is a voluntary obligation taken by the indemnifier. Mere possibility of loss occurring will not make the indemnifier liable. Loss to the […]

No Fault Theory Of Divorce

-Sumit Kumar Suman, CNLU Introduction Under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 both the husband and the wife have been given a right to get their marriage dissolved by a decree of divorce on more than one grounds specifically enumerated in Section 13. Some of the grounds initially inserted were substituted and some more grounds came to […]

Agricultural Income

-Nidhi Kumari, CNLU INTRODUCTION Sec 2(7) of Income Tax Act defined “assessee” as  means a person by whom any tax  or any other sum of money is payable under this Act, and includes—(a) every person in respect of whom any proceeding under this Act has been taken for the assessment […]