Day: March 19, 2015

The Right to Property of Hindu Women

By Ayushi Singhal, NUJS INTRODUCTION It is common knowledge that the Indian society is predominantly patriarchal and the preferential rights given to men with respect to property, both movable and immovable, are just another manifestation of the male centric societal structure. Giving women the right to inherit, own, use and […]

Whistleblower in the Anti Competitive Trusts

By Ayushi Singhal, NUJS Editor’s Note: It often so happens that when a law, whether in the form of an act, a rule, order or anything of that category is passed, it is not exploited for several years. One of many such provisions is the Competition Commission of India[i] (Lesser […]

Religious Conversion

By Astha Pratik, NUJS INTRODUCTION The word conversion is said to be as old as religion itself and any study of religion is incomplete without studying about religious conversions as well. Our group is dealing with the interplay between law and religion and this project shall be focusing on religious […]