Day: December 7, 2014

Social Class

By Anonymous Editor’s Note: This paper talks about the meaning of social class and discusses the arguments put forth by Karl Marx and Max Weber. SOCIAL CLASS A social class may be defined as a stratum of people of similar position in the social status. The social status of a janitor […]

Sexual Harassment At The Workplace

By Aarti Goyal, UILS Chandigarh Editor’s Note: Sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence in public spaces are an everyday occurrence for women and girls around the world—in urban and rural areas, in developed and developing countries. Before 1997, women experiencing sexual harassment at workplace had to lodge a complaint […]

Case Brief: Vadlamudi Kutumba Rao v. State of Andhra Pradesh, AIR 1961 AP 448

By Bhavani Kumar, SLS Pune Editor’s Note: All crimes under the Indian Penal Code are categorized as either cognizable offences or non-cognizable offences. Cognizable offences are those offences that the police may take cognizance of or commence investigation on without there being a First Information Report filed or without the permission […]


By Anonymous Editor’s Note: Notes on education and the various kinds of education. It also discusses the various functions of education. EDUCATION Primitive / ancient societies had no educational institutions. Children learnt what they needed to know by watching whatever was going on and helping wherever practical. Families, parents and siblings […]

The Corfu Channel Case

By Aarti Goyal, UILS, Chandigarh Editor’s Note: The general principles of International law are among the sources of national and International Law, which have long been recognized and applied in disputes. The Corfu Channel case addressed the question of civil liability of Albania, which had placed mines within its sovereign waters […]