Day: September 2, 2014

Concept of Gift Under Muslim Law

By Samarth Trigunayat, CNLU Editor’s Note: The concept of Gift, or Hiba in Muslim law has existed from the very inception of the religion, circa. 600 A.D. While Muslim Law has not been shown to recognise the differentiation of land into estates, it does recognise the difference between the ownership of […]

General Defenses In Torts

By Aditi Agarwal, NUALS Editor’s Note: The writer goes into detail with respect to the term defense and its meaning. She describes defence as conventionally used to refer to arguments used to persuade the court to conclude that the defendant is not to be blamed, whether the case is that of […]

Sovereign State Territory

By Aditi Agarwal, NUALS Editor’s Note: Sovereignty is the complete territorial jurisdiction of a country over a territory, as recognized by other countries. In the modern age, the state not only includes the territory of land but that of adjacent waters as well. There are several other types of sovereignty, however, […]

Freedom Of Speech And Expression

By Tanu Priya Editor’s Note: Freedom of speech, considered the basic freedom by most philosophical thinkers, consists of several facets, including the right to express one’s opinion unhindered, unfettered by the fear of retribution. It is one of the most basic elements for a healthy, open-minded democracy. It allows people to […]