Day: August 29, 2014

Originalist Theory of Interpretation: A Comparative Analysis between India and the US

By Aditi, WBNUJS Editor’s Note:  Originalist Theory of Constitutional Interpretation is one of the oldest and most basic theories of Interpretation that advocates the interpretation of constitutional text in accordance with the meaning and intention that was accorded to it during its formulation.Even to this day, originalism finds a favourable environment, […]

Approach towards a Greener Environment: Carbon Trading and Carbon Taxing

By Abhishek Thommandru & Trishna Roy, DSNLU Editor’s Note:  This paper discusses the scheme of carbon taxing and cap-and trade and materializes on the fact that carbon trading can be nearly called as a second-chance lending mechanism. The admirable feature is that in the world where capitalism is more prevalent, the industries will […]