Day: August 8, 2014

Importance of Public Interest Litigation in India

By Nikhil Jain, ITMU Law School, Gurgaon Editor’s Note: The ever-encompassing and ever-expanding concept of this oft-heard term Public Interest Litigation has perplexed legal minds for decades. Various luminaries have tried to capsule the concept into a precise definition. However, all such efforts have failed. This paper delves into various landmark […]

Grounds Of Judicial Review

By Swati Duggal, Punjab University Editor’s Note: Judicial Review is the power of the Supreme Court or High Court to examine an executive or legislative act and to invalidate that act if it is contrary to constitutional principles. This power has been incorporated in the Constitution itself and cannot be done […]

Liability For Defamation of Dead

By Neha Mishra, Symbiosis Law School, Noida Editor’s Note: “The research paper analyses the article “Dead but not forgotten: Proposals for Imposing Liability for Defamation of the Dead” by Lisa Brown in the Indian perspective. Liability for defamation of dead people is a tort which has not developed and applied due […]