Internship Experience @ Abrise Legal, Mumbai: Work on Intellectual Property Rights


Yogricha Verma, Amity Law School, AUMP.

Application Procedure

Apply through their official website, here. You can also follow-up with them via mail given on their official website.

Details of the Organisation

Abrise Legal, Andheri (West), Mumbai.

First impression and Initial Formalities

Ms. Richa Joshi, Managing Attorney and Founder of Abrise Legal, took a short interview on the very first day, which was later followed by introducing the areas of work and the working atmosphere at Abrise.

One the very first day itself, I was told that this is a firm where we keep Interns and not slaves, so work in your style. In simple words, this place gives you freedom to discover your way of working and understand where your interest belongs.

Main Tasks

It was my first internship in Intellectual Property Rights,so, I was excited and nervous both at the same time. Interning here is an everyday learning experience. An internship for a month was filled with whole lot of work and responsibilities. The main tasks were, Filing Trademark Application and replies, Case Research, Managing Social Media, Drafting Agreements, NDAs, Research Articles, etc.

I was a jittery fourth year student but Richa Ma’am handled all my slips. She is one of the most supportive mentors I have got for my internship so far. This firm believes in working at happy terms, which kept the atmosphere light and relaxed. Richa ma’am gave us regular lectures on drafting and filing trademark replies. She is not only patient enough to listen to your questions but she will answer your questions till the time you get answers stoned in your head.

Good Things

There is not a thing that I shall complain at Abrise. From atmosphere to work everything was perfect for an intern to pore over. I shall always say it happily that Abrise Legal not only teaches you to be a lawyer but also makes you fall in love with your work.

Bad Things



Yes, depending on the quality of your work.


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