Core Team

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Tanuj Kalia: Founding CEO and Publishing Editor

Tanuj, an alumnus of NUJS, Kolkata (2008-13) started Lawctopus after Chicken Pox left him in bed. He is the prize-winning blogger LegalPoet and worked at as the VP, Marketing for 6 months before deciding to work on Lawctopus full-time. His book ‘Law as a Career‘ has been published by LexisNexis. He can be reached on Facebook here, on Linkedin here.


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Aprajita Karki: Content Manager and Sales Head, Lawctopus

Aprajita Karki graduated from UPES Dehradun in 2018. She joined Lawctopus in 2019 after working for a Chandigarh based law firm. Aprajita ensures that the content published on Lawctopus is well-formatted, and edited. Her t-shirt reads: Tum mujhe khaana do, main tumhe post doongi.


Office hours: 5-6 pm (please call Aprajita only at this time-slot)

Ankit Ahuja: Technology Manager, Lawctopus

Ankit graduated from VSLLS, VIPS in 2020. He started working with Lawctopus right after graduation. Ankit ensures that the sites are stable, secure, fast and neatly designed. He runs marketing campaigns for Lawctopus Law School and ensures 50,00,000+ emails a month land into your inboxes (get yours).

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Co-founders: now old and retired 🙂=

Prateek Bhandari, Dhruv Mairal, Debanshu Khettry and Naman Gupta, all from the 2008-13 batch of NUJS Kolkata, were instrumental in the making of Lawctopus. They continue being well-wishers of the web-site but are no longer actively working on it.