Internship Experience @ Abhay Kushwaha and Associates, Delhi: All Kinds of Toppings for a Law Student’s Pizza

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Alisha Pandey, UILS, Chandigarh University, 2nd Year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Abhay Kushwaha and Associates, Chamber 704, Tis Hazari Court, New Delhi.

Application Process with contact details

You can mail your CV on [email protected]

Duration of Internship and timings

July 1, 2016 – August 1, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

While going down the lanes of my memory, I remember the chamber full of files from the extreme start till the end, advocates sitting and preparing themselves for the upcoming cases.

We met all the associates and were given a very warm welcome, the impact created was very professional and elegant too.

Main tasks

Talking about the tasks given, all possible kind of toppings you require to make your pizza to boost up your taste buds will be available here.

I mean all a law student needs, reading a case file, attending the hearings, preparing a case file, depositing in the counter, the art of examining and cross examining a witness, exibiting the documents, full practical exposure is given.

Work environment and people

All the things I am talking would simply be incomplete if I do not mention the name of the person who we interned under, Advocate Himanshu Jain, the man who changed my perspective of being a lawyer or would not be wrong to say that he depicted us how to live law, a profession which is needed to be practiced but nevertheless be lived.

He is the best person to work with and for the ones who really wanna learn its exactly the “right store” you’ve entered in the mall, and I am so damn sure you’ll definitely visit again.

The work environment is absolutely the kinda thing required. Every person is fantastic and always ready to help.

Best things

The best things I found were that unlike many other places where interns are not paid much attention and are not made to work more, here they can easily avail the opportunity to be kept on the first footing and made to work just like the other pre existing people in the chamber.

And yet again our GURU JI, Himanshu Sir is the ‘cherry on the cake’ not to forget the assistants are awesome special attraction – Dubey ji. 😀

The ones who go to intern there would definitely not get bored just because of him so he deserved to be kept in the best things I am mentioning.

Bad things

No bad things.


Non paid, but worth mentioning fact that the thing one earns is priceless, the ocean of knowledge.

Biggest Lessons

A very good thing I went across while going through lawctopus was “make contacts” and this was the thing I kept in my mind and after doing two internships so far I have seen the need and importance of having contacts, friends I have earned the contact of a person like HIMANSHU SIR and that indeed is the biggest of all lessons.


I stayed in a pg nearby, accommodation is really not a problem. It could easily be sorted.

Office Timings

10 am to 4 pm but there are no restrictions on the time, they are liberal and understand the genuine issues.

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