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Aashman Foundation is an NGO working for single income family widows, women empowerment & child education.
Aashman Foundation supports single income family widows by supporting them with monthly grocery and currently we are supporting 1,000 plus such widows across India.

AashmanFoundation believes in empowering widows & females. They are teaching them free of beauty palour courses, patient care courses, stitching courses, computer courses and achar making to make them earn their living.

Lastly, they are running our own schools by the name of nishulak pathshala. We have 16 schools in 11 states of India. Where 4,500 + students are taking free education along with moral development and we provide them the tools for schools that is for education which is required.

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About the Internships

Social Media Marketing

Key Responsibility Area:

1st Month

  • Day 1: know what is Aashman Foundation21 days: Milk Bank Campaign (Raise funds/support for children in need to provide them milk to fight malnutrition)
  • 11 days : Collaboration with Influencers/bloggers

2nd Month

  • 7 days: Social Launch on any given social cause by us
  • 7 days: Enhance Brand Reach among people
  • 21 days: Share your Happiness campaign(Register individuals to celebrate their happiness with aashman)

3rd Month

  • 11 days: Intellectual Express
  • 10 days: Sign up- campaign
  • 5 days: Team goal(team will be formed and they need to decide a social goal among themselves and make a difference)
  • 5 days: Dil Khol Kar dkho (do a good deed, make a video and send it to us)

Fund Raising Department

Key Responsibility Area:

  • 1 Day: know what is Aashman Foundation
  • 14 days: Share your Happiness campaign (Register your Happiness with aashman)
  • 11 days: Let’s be ready for red ( sanitary napkins campaign)
  • 10 days: Baal Depression (Providing toys to underprivileged children)
  • 10 days: Milk Bank Campaign (providing milk to fight malnutrition)

Marketing and Sales

Duration: 3 months

Work: Generate funds for the organisation to support the needy, collaborate with brands & individuals for gathering either funds or brand awareness, branding, lead generation, client relationship management, etc

Key Responsibility Area:

  • 1 day: Know Aashman Foundation
  • 14 days: ISR project(Individual social responsibility)
  • 7 days: Activities with corporates
  • 14 days: Share your Happiness project
  • 21 days: Lead Generation
  • 14 days: Collaboration with Brands
  • 14 days: Widow Helpdesk
  • 7 days: Widow Helpdesk Car fuel campaign
  • 3 days: Ek or ek gyarh
  • 3 days: dil khol ke toh dekho

How to Apply?

Kindly fill this form:

Its a free unpaid internship but they will provide a certificate and LOR (Letter Of Recommendation) after successfully completing your respective internships.


E-mail ID:

The website link is here:


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