Internship Experience @ Aarohan NGO, New Delhi: Teaching, Conducting Surveys, Awareness Programs & Study




Aarohan NGO, New Delhi

Application Process

I got the internship through a college contact.

But, you can apply through the details mentioned on their website here or information given on the Lawctopus site here.

The NGO can be located here.

Duration and Timings

18th November, 2012 to 17th December, 2012

First Day

It is just like a small NGO with big initiatives of curing the society from all the social evils.

Main tasks

Teaching, Conducting surveys, Awareness Programs & Study over one specific topic.

I conducted a study over Juvenile Delinquencies & the Justice System.


The people there are very formal and strict with respect to timings and work.

But, you will get acquainted with the facts related to harsh realities of the society and the current justice system.

Best things

It is best to start from here, as without knowing the proper facts you can never apply law.

Bad things

It’s a small organization.

The infrastructure was not that good and the work after sometime becomes monotonous.



Biggest Lessons

The first step is always to “Get the Facts straight “!

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