A School Bag-Full of Development!

By Chetna Shrivastava, 1st year student, NLIU Bhopal


Remember your first day in school? Most of us have blurred memories of it (which is obvious since it was so long ago!).

We get so engrossed in college that we hardly remember that stay which marked our entry into the social life. Let’s try going back to that day with our guide…ummm…it’s hard thinking of a good name so I’ll proceed in first person.

Disclaimer: This event is in no way related to anybody in particular but will surely remind all of us of something similar.

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A Bag

I was made to get up early for unknown reasons. My mother dressed me up in a strange looking new dress. What puzzled me was that I was handed over an alien thing which my parents kept referring to as a “bag”.

Then they drove me to a building where I had been to earlier for a thing called “interview”. They took me inside and made me sit in a room full of colourful benches. A lot of kids were present wearing the same dress and holding “bags”.

My parents left me to myself for the first time in my life. Oh! So this must be school. I was told that we are supposed to stay here for a few hours with other children in our parents’ absence. I was told that I will get “friends” here.

But they were nowhere to be seen! I could only see children around me crying. This gloomy atmosphere scared me (maybe I was going to be subject to the same thing that was making them cry).

A Young Woman

A young woman entered into the room. She might be somebody’s mother. She went to a kid and started consoling him. That might be her son. But hey! Then she talked to another kid and another and another…and I was the next one.

She asked me if I was missing my parents and said that I was going to enjoy the class. I simply asked her who she was. In those younger days you are hardly afraid of asking questions. You are hardly concerned about looking like a fool.

She told me that she was my class teacher. Whoa! So she’s the one. Isn’t she supposed to be strict? But I saw that she wasn’t. They are never strict when we are young because they know how innocent we are.

Blackboards and Clay to Play With

After consoling most of the kids she wrote A B C D on the big black thing that hung on the wall. Blackboards were the most amusing part of the class till they were replaced by green-boards and finally plasma screens.

She made us write those letters (yes letters! That’s what she called them) in the notebook which was surprisingly present in everybody’s bag. Those who couldn’t find it were helped by her in finding it.

After a very long time of rewriting those letters which most of us had known already (courtesy: parents) we were given clay to play with.

Some of the kids were so hungry that they tried eating it! But our class teacher saw them in time. Maybe the school realised how hungry we were and there went a bell mysteriously.

Parties and Picnics

Recess bell is a rescue from hunger till primary and then it becomes a rescue from boredom. She helped us take out our lunch boxes and all of us ate together!

I had seen so many people eating together only in parties and picnics. So this might be similar to either of them. A girl sitting beside me offered me a sandwich and in return I gave her mine.


This is how we learn selfless sharing and reciprocating. It happens so naturally that one doesn’t need to be taught about it. It is easy when we are young because we are a selfless group but becomes difficult as we grow up to be calculative individuals.

I wonder if I should call it “development”. Her name was Shilpa and I told her mine. And this is how I earned a friend for life! Making friends is so easy in nursery.

Then we heard a bell, were made to close our lunch boxes, and taken to the washroom in a line where we were made to wash our hands. Nobody breaks a line in nursery it’s only later in life that we learn to defy the rules.

Escapades of the LKG kids

After a long time of playing with clay we heard a different bell and were told that we could go home! We went out in a line till we saw our parents (after which we ran like wild animals escaping from the zoo!).

I was extremely happy to go home ignorant of the fact that I will have to go back to school for a long time, a very long time. And that it won’t stop there but would be followed by Higher education. Life as a social being had just begun.


The First and the Last Day

And there came a day when I was in a party; my farewell party. As a friend of mine always says, “the funniest thing about school is that you cry on both your first and last day!”

When the party ended we came out saw our cars waiting but didn’t run like wild animals but turned back to look for a last time at that building which had taught us lessons not just in books but also in life.

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