A Love Story That Began in the Gym + 2 Love Poems + 7 Tips to Lovers


Love and me

I never believed in love, where one person could dominate your mood, your life. I always found people who fell in love stupid, but then life has its ways of teaching us.

I used to always mock people who were in love, as I really did not believe this concept. I was like what the hell you mean by love, caring etc.

I was proud of myself that no one could control my moods, but honestly deep down I was afraid of breakups. I had seen way to many breakups that made sure, I would not venture in the field of love.

I always kept a sarcastic shield over me so no girl would like me or I would like a girl. My fear kept withholding me.

Love at first sight

When I first heard this concept I was like Blah! who does that, you see someone and you suddenly realize she’s the one.

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I used to strongly oppose this concept and whenever someone told me about him realizing he was in love on the first sight, I would swear on him heavily for being so immature.

One smile bowled me over

I think I was in my 12th standard i.e. college days, while working in the gym suddenly I saw this girl who later on would go to become the love of my life but wait it’s not the lovey-dovey story.

So coming back when I saw her, I was awestruck by her smile like I did not move for the first few seconds, I yet can’t say what happened but it was magical.

I had met many girls before but never seen a smile like her.

She was sitting innocently smiling, taking her hair behind her ear, and her eyes I could stare at it for hours.

Somehow I managed to shake myself and walk ahead but during the entire session my eyes kept forcing me to see her.


After seeing her for the first time, I decided I would approach her at least to be friends with her; little did I knew I would run into her bodyguard.

When I say her bodyguard I meant her friend chipku I gave her the nick, she never used to be let her alone which annoyed me as I could not speak with her being so close.

Lady Luck Smiles

One month passed by the same routine continued till one day I saw her friend was not around. I was filled with joy knowing this was the best chance for me to have a go.

For the first time I was nervous, but mustering all the strength I had I approached her and just mustered a Hi!.

The look she gave me I was like oh my god will she slap me and then she broke in the smile that had bowled me over. We spoke for a bit and then continued friendship on social media.


Due to her studies, she stopped coming to the gym which meant I could only speak with her on BlackBerry Messenger as that was popular and Whatsapp was just taking baby steps.

Initial Conversations

If you think we had flirty conversations in the start you will be mistaken. Our very first conversation started with an argument.

For nearly few months in the start we argued on topics like girls v.s .boys, she was from a different stream etc.

Arguing with her was fun cause I had found my match in her, she would not yield easily down.

Sharing is caring (Gossips/Bitching)

After our fights got over we began to share each and everything.

I used to get all updates about her life and same way I used to update her about mine.

We used to have long gossip sessions initially I objected but somehow she taught me that, and in time I realized it was really fun to gossip but only when it was with her.

I hated bitching about people like I always said truth on their faces but this idiot made me realized that bitching is fine, and I never realized I started more bitching conversations than she did. 

Mistake and the price I paid

Till now all was good we had become best buddies in no time.

Then I realized she had a crush, I decided for entertainment purposes to make a story out of it. I thought she would realize but she did not.

It went on for a week and when I told her it was a story I made she was furious.

Though she did not beat me or say anything she prefers giving me the “SILENT TREATMENT”. In this she will read all messages, pick the call hear me but will not reply or will say a word.

Later on she deleted me from BBM.

Tears and Realization

I was very upset that she walked out of my life. Suddenly I realized what she meant to me. Love which I had been running  away from had finally got the better of me.

I was in love and what a moment to realize when she’s gone, like gone forever. I used to cry a lot, reading old messages praying she came back.

Everyday “SORRY”

I began to send her sorry messages daily like four months I send her sorry messages but she was coldhearted suddenly.

She always had a heart like a kid but whatever I said it did not work.

Bless the friend

One of our common friend who knew what had happened met her suddenly after four months and finally convinced her to speak.

FOUR months it took but she came back.

You can only guess how happy I was to have her back.

Change of Place

Due to her work, she had to change the state.

We were in touch with phone calls and messages.


When she returned I finally decided to propose her. I took help of her best friend and made her say her crush was proposing her and she wanted her to be there.

Once she got in there as per the plan she was blindfolded and led into the lounge.

I had given the decoration to spray once she says yes. I had arranged her favorite desert as a proposal tool.

Finally, she opened her eyes and was in a disbelief but hey she did say a yes. We celebrated the night.


I wanted the very first date to be a unique one so instead of a candle light dinner took her to the aquarium where we enjoyed with the fishes.

Then took her for Lunch and movie date.

We used to go for random mid night dates, seeing the town, hogging food and yes enjoying our love to.

Birthday week poems

Due to work, she was in another state as I said earlier so I decided to write daily poems for her.

I am sharing two of them here.

1. Poem

Meet my crazy super nice, hard working and caring, best friend(Love)!

She just turned weirder and is only getting sexier with age!

You won’t meet someone half as nice, clear hearted and cute as her!

Her talks and smile literally lights up the entire room!

No wonder I have made it a tradition to see her every 2 months no matter what!

She inspires me to be a better and more light hearted person!

Life is incomplete without you.

So this is to many many more years of seeing and annoying each other!

I love you!  #birthdayweekbegins

2. Poem

Happy Birthday, Smarty!

Someone so special that she automatically becomes everybody’s favorite!

I have always complained about my luck and In this overcrowded world, not everyone is so lucky to have a girl who sticks by you no matter what, who can make you smile so effortlessly, who has her own weird ways to say she cares!

Weird, different and a little shy, but one in a million!

And that’s when I realized that I did get lucky in at least one thing!

You truly deserve every bit of happiness that you give others! Love you!

Here’s to many more years of our dramatic talks,  food encounters, random midnight convos, lame jokes and laughter!

Birthday Surprise

Since she was in another state I had planned and executed a plan to take her parents, her best friends and, of course, me to the place she was.

We had arranged the hall, her favorite cake, food etc was called in. She was informed that someone else surprise birthday was being planned.

She was so surprised seeing all of us there.

That was one night that will surely be remembered by us for our entire life.

Roadblocks ahead

We enjoyed our first year of dating but soon minor arguments turned into major ones she again cast me away in the silent zone.


Though I got her back I realized she was not happy but was not ready to take a call.

I realized love is all about sacrifice so I decided to sacrifice our relationship for her happiness. We are now friends again.

Way ahead

I hope we do get back but no Valentines day for me this year as she is busy with attending marriages.

Patience is the key we will let time take its course.

Tips to Lovers
  1. Give your partner space it’s good for the relationship.
  2. Avoid questioning over every small detail.
  3. Trust a lot cause it’s the pillar of the relationship.
  4. Never be jealous if she chooses to be out with some of her female friends, they need a break to and try and arrange girly meets for her she will love you more.
  5. Always keep on surprising her.
  6. Try saying lines such as how’s my babydoll, how’s my girl, how was your day, only for your love this lines will work.
  7. Express your love cause it’s really needed.

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