A Lawyer’s Duty Towards The Court

duty towards a lawyer, advocates, judges

By Tanuj Kalia

A Lawyer’s Duty Towards The Court

1. Act in a dignified manner (before a clearly corrupt judge)


2. Respect the court (because that’s your livelihood)


3. Not communicate in private (with spouses)


4. Refuse to act in an illegal manner towards the opposition (private defence suits all purposes)


5. Refuse to represent clients who insist on unfair means (and die in penury?)


6. Appear in proper dress code (summer+black+india=tons of skin warts)


7. Refuse to appear in front of relations (you are ugly, we know that)


8. Not to wear bands or gowns in public places (wear birthday hats)


9. Not represent establishments of which he is a member (don’t represent humanity)


10. Not appear in matters of pecuniary interest (yes, lawyers are social engineers and they are NEVER expected to make money)


11. Not stand as surety for client (most of us are too fat and unfit to stand for long anyway)


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