Virtual Internship Experience at A.K. Bhambri Associates: Diverse and Valuable Legal Learnings


Name of the Intern and College

Archa S A, School of Law, Christ University Bangalore

Name of the Organisation and Its Full Address

A.K Bhambri Associates, Landmark Harpreet Ford Car Showroom, Head Office: E-4, Prashant Vihar, 110085 Delhi.

Duration of Internship

22nd February to 25th April 2021 (Batch III) 

Best Things about this Internship 

The best thing is that the internship is conducted online and the virtual internship makes it possible to work with those firms and institutions where we can’t be present physically because of current situations and at the same time it helped to enhance the  technical knowledge also.  

Bad Things

I think with doing the works if there is a face to face interaction on discussing the tasks and if the tasks were assigned on a meeting like what did in the first task it would be more helpful to get a complete and clear idea about what is the task and what exactly the firm needs. 

Main Tasks Assigned

  • Task 1 – D.V Research (S.2) 
  • Task 2 – D.V Research (N.R.I. Male) 
  • Task 3 – Legal Notice Medical Negligence 
  • Task 4 – Drafting Deeds 
  • Task 5 – Research Paper on Theories of Justice 
  • Task 6 – R.T.I Filing 
  • Task 7 – PPT Presentation 
  • Task 8– Drafting P.I.L. HC 
  • Task 9 – Drafting Bails 

Lessons Learnt

All the ten tasks are meant to get different knowledge that I would say succeeded.  Learned the main aspect and object of each task especially in research works got  academic knowledge on the topic and practical knowledge on drafting also. The  important points that I learned are;

  • Agreement Review: Thorough review of Contracts and Other Documents of the  clients for submitting papers to the court. 
  • Legal support: Administrate Case Documentation, Judgements Review, Research  work and Analysis, Computing Monetary Compensations and other benefits for  clients. 
  • Legal Research: Worked primarily on dispositive motion of legal research on  various subjects, including filing PIL on Domestic Violence against Men and  LGBT 
  • RTI Filing: Handled Online RTI filing for various requests from management 
  • Management Presentations: Presentation of memoranda on cyber laws, E Commerce, Data Privacy, M&A, and Competition law Etc. 
  • Legal Drafting: Drafting PIL’s, Gift deeds, Sale Deed, Power of Attorney,  Anticipatory Bail and Bail Applications, Writ Petitions, Legal Notices Etc 

Tasks Liked and Disliked and Reasons

I liked the 6th task. During this point of time, all the works and jobs are becoming  online even legal works and the scope of these kinds of jobs will definitely going to  increase in future too. So to get the practical knowledge on doing such kind of works  is always better.  

Best Thing

The approach towards students was very gentle and makes it the feeling to complete all the tasks on time and the genuine reasons were considered for the delay in  submitting that is appreciated. Apart from that for all the tasks the negatives and  positives that students made were pointed out.

Word about Mentors? 

When it became difficult for female law students to complete their internship without any harassment from the seniors, I strongly recommend A.K from my experience. It is a place where you will get enough motivation, respect, and especially proper feedback on every work and task that will make you understand your mistakes and faults. 

The Mentor is very gentle and always there to clear the doubts even if it is silly questions and of course, always gives motivation to students especially when I  decided to quit the internship sir advised me not to do so that helped me to complete all the tasks and I am thankful for that. 

Suggestions or Recommendations

Sir, I would request you to give more work like task 6 and more of drafting and can avoid research works because in academics also that is what we are doing. And if it is  possible please conduct, in a two-month internship at least two meetings of all interns  with the mentor on discussing the works and current legal updates or giving  experiences etc then it would be great. 

Overall Rating


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