A Dubsmash Contest for Lawyers & Law Students #MereLawKaJaal: Upload by June 10

MereLawKaJaal (myLaw.net’s alter-ego) is organising a Dubsmash Competition for lawyers and law students.

Q. How do I participate?

All you have to do is – take a video-selfie on the popular mobile app – Dubsmash.

Basic Steps

Step 1. Open your Dubsmash App and search for “Mere Law Ka Jaal Dubsmash Contest” or “merelawkajaal” and choose from the audio clips in the sound board.

You could also use any other self-uploaded audio clip of your choice, as long as it is related to law.

Step 2. Share your Dubsmash video with us either by posting it on our Facebook wall, or by tweeting it to us (our Twitter handle is @mylawnet), or by emailing it to us at [email protected].

Also, include the hashtag – #MereLawKaJaal somewhere in your post.

Click here if you haven’t already downloaded dubsmash. If you’re still having difficulty in using dubsmash, watch this YouTube video for a visual demonstration of the app.

You can send in as many entries as you’d like. It could be a solo-selfie.

It could also be a group-selfie. If the office is empty, and your senior has packed his bags for the Bahamas – dub away!

If the law firm where you’re interning is in frazzle-mode (the partners may have packed their bags for the Bahamas) – dub away!

And if you’re one of those unfortunate souls deprived of such luxury – dub away! – Because it will be worth the adjournment!

Important Dates

1. Upload your Dubsmash-selfies by 10 June, 2015

2. You will know if your selfie is one of the three lucky winning entries by 15 June, 2015

Q. How will us dubbers (what Dubsmash using folk are called) be judged?

It’s simple. The Dubsmash-selfie with the most swag wins.

Q. What’s the bounty?

The bounty is a surprise gift for three lucky winning entries. Could this surprise – be worth 10K cash? – less than that? – or perhaps more? We leave all possibilities wide open.

Q. But I don’t feel motivated enough to do this…

Sure, you could just ignore this contest.

But – none other than the nation’s newsman himself has thrown down the gauntlet – which is why we double dare you to accept his challenge and beat him at his own game…

Q. What’s swag?

Sorry, but we simply refuse to rectify your ignorance. But if you insist upon a precise definition for your evaluation criterion, here’s Mr. Adrian Cheng’s dissertation on this subject.

Still don’t “get” swag ? Well, let’s just say, you either have it, or you don’t. Prove to us that you do.

Q. Why should I do this for some unspecified “surprise” gift? I mean there are essay writing competitions that give us 10K for winning!

Because science says so. As long as you trust us to surprise you in a pleasant way – there shouldn’t be a problem.

Also – unlike an essay, a Dubsmash-selfie is barely a fraction of a second long. No research. No footnoting. Just pure imagination.

So get your phones out and let your imagination go wild. We do plenty of dull, monotonous things everyday. Let’s have some real fun now!


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