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Internship Experience @ 9 Point Corporation [Online Internship]: The best experience a student can get {S}

Internship Experience @ 9 POINT Corporation
LSAT - Discover Law
LSAT - Discover Law

Sibadutta Dash


9 POINT Corporation

Application Process

It was a Virtual Internship.

I applied through LinkedIn, and then had an interview with the Founder/Chairman

Well you can apply for the Virtual Internship HERE and HERE.


22nd June, 2015 – 31st July, 2015

First Day

Well my first impression working from home is great, because they did not give me much work during the first 5 days.

Working at night is quite interesting.

Talking to them on Skype, is great.

They really helped me a lot for Business purposes.

Main tasks

At 9 point corporation, I was made the Development Financial Economist, who was asked to look the Financial Matters of the Corporation.

I was asked to manage all the files, calculate all types of B- Corp finance.

I had to research on bringing world-class Clean Power Generation technologies, manufacturing capabilities and system solutions, as well as effective International Financing resources and strategies to Native American / First Nations tribes, rural areas and third-world countries, along with sustainable “True Food”​ farming for tribal economic developments and global exports.

I  focused on Renewable Energy generations, Sustainable farming, Housings and proprietary Big Data project management’s, to be deployed and developed with worldwide Native tribes and poor countries, communities that are true benefactors.

Being a B- Corp I was asked to make a presentation for the corporation, which was presented directly presented to the founder of the 9 Point Corporation.


I worked with the founder, so it was quite great.

The best experience a student can get.

Best things

Working with them and learning Business Techniques is the best part.

Bad things

No Bad things. Its the best experience a student can get.



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