13 Useful Websites for Law Students in India

By Tanuj Kalia

For serious law students; here are 13 very useful websites. Do go through them for the good health of your career:

1. Legal500.com: Lets you know about the top law firms and that too with neat divisions on the basis of the place the law firm is situated in; the tier to which it belongs; the practice areas etc. A little time here will help you arrive at the law firm you should look to intern at or work for.

2. LegallyIndia and 3. Bar and Bench and 4. LiveLaw.in: Three leading websites which cover legal news; latest deals and lets you know how good or bad a law firm is doing; the people they are hiring and the places they are expanding to.

LiveLaw is more focused on court reporting.

LegallyIndia’s comments; which come in dozens and scores are perhaps the best insider knowledge a law student can wish for.

5. RSG India: The contact details of the law firm partners given on this website can prove more than handy for the internship seeker. Also see this website for analysis on the movers and shakers among the law firms. A close reading can also help you decide the law firms you want to pin point for your career.

6. Letmeknow and 7. Twenty19: and 8. InternShalaThese websites are not just restricted for law students but cover the whole gamut of internship, conferences, seminars, B-Plan Competitions happening in India. A little hunting and scouring will be well worth the time.

9. All conferences: While LetMeknow, InternShala and Twenty19 cater to the Indian audience; AllConferences.com spreads its net further. For the bold and the ambitious, eager to visit foreign lands for that highly esteemed paper presentation and that much wanted foreign trip; this is the place to be.

10. SuperLawyer.in: Interviews with leading lawyers, young lawyers, in nearly every area of law (or non law). Contains some big names, some not so big names.

11. Nyaaya.in: Nyaaya intends to be a resource of all laws and all laws explained in easy English. The newest kid on the block.

12. IndianKanoon: The Google of all laws in India. Free to search and a gold mine!

13. Rainmaker India Youtube Channel: Lots of legal gyaan, interviews with top notch lawyers.

[First published on December 4, 2010. Updated on November 4, 2016].


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