8 Reasons Why You Should Join NLU Assam (READER’S BLOG)

Lawctopus had published a blog post ‘8 Reasons Not to Join NLU Assam’ here on May 22, 2014.

This is a reader’s blog in response to that post.

A lot of water has flown under the bridge. The University is no longer NLUJAA, it’s just NLUA, the words Judicial Academy have been removed from the Act. And here are the 8 reasons why you should join NLU Assam.

1. The university certainly has more than just one professor

Since the departure of Prof. Gurjeet Singh and arrival of Prof. Vijendra Kumar (Himself an authority on Family laws, don’t believe me, just google his name) lot has changed, Prof. Yugal Kishore is one of well known and highly regarded authority in the country when it comes to Environmental Laws.

As a result of Prof. Kumar’s arrival, who is not leaving anytime soon, the university has come in the notice and under the guidance of some of the most respected and reputated names related to legal education in the country (Read Prof. Faizan Mustafa, Prof. R. Venkata Rao, Prof. Paramjit S. Jaswal, etc.)

2. One of the highest number of Permanent Faculty members, amongst all National Law Universities

Open the university website and you will notice the entire list of faculty members, who are working day in, day out for taking this university to the place it rightfully deserves, the university boasts of one of the highest number of permanent faculty members on its board, majority of them are pass outs from different National Law Universities themselves, and almost everyone would agree that a board of permanent warriors is always greater that a horde of temporary mercenaries (the tradition that many of the so called upper National Law Universities follow by recruiting faculty on contract basis).

3. The facilities are something that are good, if not luxurious

All the classroom or for that sake every room of the university’s present campus is Air- Conditioned something that not many NLUs can boast of, every classroom, the common room, the library a good number of Air conditioners are placed everywhere to make the university, an ideal place to study and develop ideas.

The library though small, boasts of quite an excellent and well maintained collection of volumes, books, magazines, study material, novels, non-fiction, at least a collection which would take years to digest for a single person when it comes to his/her favourite readings.

Though, Sports facilities are something that the university still struggles with, but even then a nice sporting culture is developing in the university, with games like TT, Volley ball, Badminton, Carrom, Chess, Football, Cricket with many a games being played within the university premises and others being played within the institutions that the university has collaborated with, and the results are quite evident with the university teams performing well in the sports fest of other institution.

4. The excellent student culture that the university is developing

Until last year the Student Bar Council was nowhere to be seen in the university, but with the beginning of the new academic year in 2015, an elected student bar council (popularly the SBC) was constituted by the University for Better understanding between the university administration and the students.

After the creation of the SBC many of the individual committee of the university showed remarkable progress with their working.

5. The Administration

Well, on this part I would like to say the administration is not the friendliest administrative system ever to be found but then, when is it so?

No, university can claim that its administration serves everything to them on the platter. But then the administration here is understanding or if not so, then at least ready to listen to its students patiently, have a talk with the registrar and who knows, you may apparently find him the most polite person ever.

6. The lenient and helpful nature of the faculty

Yes, you read it correct, faculty here is helpful to the students.

Go to any other NLU and you may find that strict measures are taken when a project submission is not done on time or a student can’t fulfil the 75% attendance deadline, but here the faculty members personally listen to your problems and then themselves suggest a proper solution to your problem be it extension over the submission dates or the academic leaves that make up for the attendance, NLU Assam has one of the most student friendly faculty amongst all NLUs.

7. The No fine culture

Though disciplinary actions are taken against the students, who don’t abide by the rules and regulations of the university, but the highly defamatory fine culture is nowhere to be seen, at least I have not encountered a single guy or girl who has paid an exorbitant fine of Rs. 25,000 or Rs. 60,000, though show cause notices are given to students (That are printed using the college funds, no student is asked to pay for them) who show serious misconduct and lawlessness in the university premises.

8. Students are shifting to NLUA

Many of the students are deciding to stay at the university and make it a better place, students are working to add stars to the name of this university, students are leaving seats at ILS and GLC Mumbai to study here, seats at GNLU or NLUO or NUSRL or DSNLU or TNNLS are being dropped to study at this place.

Note: This is a reader’s blog. Lawctopus.com is not responsible for the authenticity of the things mentioned in this post.

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