6 Biggest Career Fears ‘Miss Anonymiss’ Has About Her Legal Career

Lawctopus’ College Managers are writing about their biggest career fears.

We are publishing them not for the literary or the creative merit but because the write-ups tell the law student community that they are not alone in their doubts and worries 🙂

By Miss Anonymiss

1. LAW AS A CAREER: Earlier I was not at all interested in pursuing law.

It was because of my father and his uncle, who was once the Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court, that I gave Law entrance exams just for the sake of it.

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But I think it was my destiny that now I am a Law student.

I always had this fear that how I would ever develop the passion for law. I don’t know but I thought I would never be able to utter word in front of judges since everything was just so new and sudden.

But then I eventually started loving law as the first year passed.

2. MOOT ELIMINATION: Then I had this moot elimination in my first year.

I was very scared of giving them since I was only in 1st semester competing against seniors.

But later I gave my eliminations and got selected in the team and truly enjoyed my mooting experience.

3. EXAMS: I had PCM background in 11TH and 12TH.

So when I joined college for the B.A.LLB course, we were told that we would be writing answers of at least 6-7 pages.

Now the biggest problem here was that I had the habit of writing answers point to point, nothing extra in it, no stories.

So I took help of teachers and seniors to increase my writing speed and filling up the pages with meaningful matter. And as a result I scored good marks.

4. INTERNSHIPS: All this while I was under impression that NLU students had better scope at getting internships at big law firms and organizations.

Although it’s also sometimes true but the fact cannot be denied that if you have the qualities and dedication towards your work and if you are ready to contribute to your future development, then the non-NLU tag would not exist.

Also, I have seen seniors of my college doing better than the NLU students once they pass out (NO OFFENCE TO THE NLU STUDENTS)!

5. JOB : The question which now evolves in my head is, will I get a job through campus placements or I will have to apply separately in firms or if, I will ever get placed at all.

Since the competition is increasing, everyone wants the best, be it luxury or great power in hands.

6. The last worry now on my mind is NOT TO LOSE MYSELF: Ever since I have read ‘Monk who Sold his Ferrari’, I was and still am under a little fear and doubt if I would lose myself out once I enter the corporate sector.

I will be busy as hell, working like a corporate dog from early morning to late in the evening and still getting no appreciation, neglecting family and health just to earn some extra bucks.

But one thing I have learnt from my past fears, queries and problems is that if you don’t dare to go through it then you won’t get to know how much you can or could have achieved.

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