5 Law School Things Every Fresher NEEDS to Know

If you’re a fresher in a law school, this post is for you. If you’re in law school, it may still help you. If you’ve graduated law school, welcome to memory lane. This is another one of those experience sharing posts, I hope that when you are done reading it and have decided you’re better than the author in every way and will never make the same mistakes, you would actually succeed.

Bollywood is yet to do justice to our law schools, I mean not only our tech and med schools but even our law schools have their “give me some sunshine” moments. So unlike your cousin chose a tech school, you don’t have a Bollywood movie to tell you what awaits in college, you only have this article and ME.

Fun and games aside, five years is a long time to spend in one place and that too when you’re at the prime of your life (age wise only :P), it’s quite easy to fall prey to wrong choices and damage your otherwise shining career (Bazingaaa).

Here are five things you must know

  1. Mujhse Dosti Karoge.

    The friendships you jump on immediately after stepping in college are often as bad as the movie which comes to mind after reading this para (sure, falling in love via e-mails back in 2002 is what every Indian relates to).

    It is advised to take your time and spend time with a person before considering him/her your friend and granting him the amount of trust and proximity which will make or break your time at the law school.

  2. Boards ke baad ki Aiiiiish?

    Sorry people, but the aish that the adults use as the metaphorical carrot to keep us running in this mad rat race does not exist, there is no Aiiish after you get into a good college and NO, just because you cracked CLAT, it does not guarantee that you will have a bright future. It takes five years of efforts, dedication and hard work to make a good lawyer, so you CAN’T put your guard down.

  3. It’s the time to Dissscoo.

    As absurd as that sounds, it actually is THE time to disco. This is the place where you don’t have a chip on your shoulder, 95 % or 65 %, both have the opportunity to excel at research, moots or academics to grab the job they seek.

    So it’s time to dance, metaphorically, to get the edge by starting early, to know things that your law school either teaches you years later or does not teach at all. There are endless opportunities and the floor is yours so…dissscooo!

  4. Holidays = Internships.

    Now that you’re in law school, you no longer have holidays, you have internships. These are months where you get the taste of the real world of law.

    Like any delicious delicacy, the best internships take time to cook and therefore do not waste a day and get on the quest to securing the best internship that exists in your area of interest. If you won’t then someone else will.

  5. You’re an adult and you’ll be tried like one.

    Young adults in law school tend to lose their cool over trivial matters when dealing with day to day activities. You are an adult now and that too a future lawyer, any other person will be expected to grow up after graduation except you. Since the day you don that black coat, you cannot behave like a juvenile. Whether it’s a fist fight or a moot court, ALWAYS CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES.

Having said the above, it is the time of your life which is never going to return so live it to the fullest, work so hard for two months that you can afford to chill on that long-awaited Kasol trip. Sleep but don’t sleep away your life, you’ll get plenty of nights to sleep but college will not come back for you.

Be cautious but do make friends, the time that is coming your way, you’ll need those friends whether to battle it or to enjoy it.

Some say it is about the journey and some say it is about the destination, I say it IS about the destination but who is to STOP us from making the journey worthwhile.


Note: The post was first published on 5th July 2019


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