4 Law Students Speak Their Hearts Out About Their Biggest Career Worries : #choosing, #specialisation, #listen to whom, #father’s dreams

Lawctopus’ college managers are writing about their biggest career fears.

We are publishing them not for their literary merit (though some of them are brilliant) but to record and publish the career fears of law students in India.

Maybe reading them will get you to say to yourself “Hey, I am not alone” and maybe you’ll pick some courage from that.

Here is what 4 of our college managers had to write.


it's a good book, do read
it’s a good book, do read

Well I am in the second year right now and the question of how to make a good career haunts me the most.

Choosing law as a field has been a bliss as I got to know that I become a lot more than an advocate.

So many career options and scopes are there which make it all the more difficult for me to choose from.

It is very difficult to get a good job in today’s competitive world. After choosing the field you have to think about subjects to go for in the coming years and what is best for you.

Just getting good marks is not the only question here but how to get a good internship is also an equally important matter.

Moreover, in the coming years the competition for jobs is going to increase and the chances to get a good job will decrease. Getting good marks in college is not the only thing as what we study is just theoretical and not practical.

Whereas, we are in a field where just possession of theoretical knowledge doesn’t work. You should know the practical implications also.

Anyway, I know I will do my best and overcome all the fears that I have regarding this field and will be able to what I want as “GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES”.



Well now that I am in my 3rd year, actually the ending of my 5th Semester to be more precise, the most important career worry that I have at this juncture is the specialization to opt for. Since the specialization that I opt for is going to mould career according to my choice.

Our college gives specialization courses in 6 subjects namely Business Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Taxation Law, Constitution Law, Criminal Law and International Law.

Coming from a family with no legal background whatsoever, this is a dilemma that I have faced since day 1 of law school. “What specialization to opt for?”

Bedazzled by the sharp suits and swanky offices of the corporate lawyer, the head tells me to go for Business Law.

But how can I not listen to what the heart has to say? It was always I.P.R. Since the day I started preparing for my moot on I.P.R. to the internship at the I.P.R law firm. I.P.R. always fascinated me beyond belief.

Now, it is time to make a wise decision. A decision that I have to live with for the rest of my life. I really wish I had someone to turn to. Someone whom I can ask “Will you be my guiding light?”

+++ Do read a Forbes piece on portfolio careers (the career where you have many careers)



My biggest career worry is, “What is a successful career and to whom should I listen to“, My Parents because no one can think for me better than them or should I listen to the professor I admire the most (he’s got loads of experience), or should I listen to a friend who has got better grades and more publications than me or should I listen to myself where, I have my two own views and both are the end points of a Line (Money and a Lavish Lifestyle or Authority and Respect).

The other worry is, “How to make use of what we study“. Today whichever field I may chose, I certainly won’t be able to practice Tort Law, Family Law, and Constitution all at the same time.

To whom should I go and tell that, these are the recommendations for the new law or amendment and this is what foreign law is.

How do I practice International Law (which recently I have started loving) and the above mentioned National Laws at the same time.

And Certainly, “How to convince the Director to make a change in Course Curriculum“.



taare zameen par

I am pursuing BBA LLB 4 th year JNVU. I took admission in BBA LLB in the year of 2010 after passing 12th class. While I put my legs into the shoes of law in the year 2010, I never decide that I will pursue Law after passing 12 class and in simple terms I doesn’t want to become a lawyer but my father wants to make me a good lawyer, its only his dream to make me lawyer.

Thereafter, considering my father dreams , I have decided to choose law stream at JNVU. Many peoples, relatives, friends , etc told me that “you have to fulfill your father’s dream blah blah“.

My biggest worry is that each and every moment I am just thinking about my father’s dream whether I will achieve his dream object or not ?

Because I am not interested in pursuing law. After sometime I has develop some interest in law and secured 4th rank in university (1 year), again 4th rank (2 year) , 2 rank (3 year) , 2 prize in all India essay competition, selected as a managing editor of JNVU newsletter, selected as a campus manager, selected as a convenor of faculty of law JNVU.

So, I has just put my fear and worry into the suitcase of hard work because human being can do best without worry.

But still I have worry about my father’s dream whether I will achieve it or not? Hope I will achieve it effectively and efficiently.

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