4 Law Students Share Their ‘Wishes’ for the New Year [More to Come]

We wish our readers a very happy 2014!

Here is what our college managers ‘wish’ for the new year.

1. Ambika Khanna

We all set new goals and aspirations for the new year but only a few have the drive to accomplish them. So I decided this year is going to be different, at least for me.

I’ll enter my third year by the end of this year and at that point I hope not to be successful but to be happy!

I’m only in my 4th semester right now with 3.5 more years of law school to survive and the rest of my life to work my arse off, so why not  be focused when you need to be during the semester end exams and enjoy the year while I can because it dawned on me only today morning that I have my entire life ahead of me to work hard and earn bucket load sof money but the time to just let go and act on impulse might not come back.

Definitely not when I’m 30 years old.

So this year my resolution is not to study harder or to get top grades it’s simply to take life by its horns and enjoy myself and college for a change.

Law school isn’t what stresses us out at the end of the day,  it’s we who end up freaking ourselves out over it.

Who said only DU-ites can have the time of their life and poor law school students have to survive through college? I’m daring to change that and that’s what I wish for this year!

2. Isha Mehrotra

What I wish for the next year…hmmm…that’s pretty easy…..I have been planning on it since quite some time now. I wanna get out of my shell and try national moors  That’s for one. Also I would like to enroll myself for an evening internship. For now…yea that’s about it.

3. Sonia Puthran

Time and Tide wait for none! And so is true for 2013 also; I cannot imagine the way time’s running away, as in, its like watching a movie in Big Cinemas and zhooom… the year passes by…

2013 was a year full of excitement trilling and even some memories which were good and bad for me.

Man is the greediest animal therefore wishes are unlimited and expectations of these wants are never ending.

So is the case with me. Even my wishes are aplenty and might never be ending. We are weird. When one wish gets fulfilled we expect for the next and so it keeps going on and on.

This year I am expecting a lot as in my career aspect as well as my personal life to.

I wish I clear with good marks in my semester exams. My university turns such possible things into impossible missions so I wish either my university gets lenient or it changes its ethos as being a student of this university I have never had a sigh of relief.

Many other wishes are there but I have heard that wishes should be kept secret so I’ll keep some of my wishes as secret only.

4. Nidhi Singh

I have never been one to follow the tradition of new year resolutions, but I see no harm in giving it a try; this year I would like to be better focused on my academics, be better at organizing my life and maybe learn a new language!

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