4 Law Students Share Their Biggest Career Fears

1. Well, putting down my worries in an upper limit of 1000 words seems like the most apt thing to do.

Standing 6 months away from completing the course, I am more confused than I was when I started.

In beginning, it was an unknown passion but now the question is what’s next?

Coming from a lesser known law school, I fear the amount of competition ahead of me. And to me, that’s the scariest.

5 years of law school just went by and I’m left with just going by my instincts for now.

The idea of doing law was probably to make a difference. Now the thing on my head is, will I make that difference or if I will, then to what extent?

The only thing that keeps me positive is that at least I chose this for myself and I’ll stand by it. For whatever may come.


2. Career fear is something that each one of us faces everyday. Talking about myself, I think I spend most of my time worrying.

Whether I am following the right career path, whether I am studying enough, whether I will be able to secure a good job etc. etc.

These are but a few of my “worries”. But right now, my greatest fear and worry is whether I will be able to choose the right subject in the coming years.

My first intention, when I joined law school, was to pursue a career in the corporate world and therefore study corporate law.

But after becoming acquainted with the various other subjects, especially after the last semester, this intention has actually become a question mark.

I have got this feeling that studying corporate law may not be my cup of tea. In fact I could do better in other subjects.

Due to this, my complete view about my career has been shaken. Right now I am really confused about which subject to pursue and therefore I have no clear picture about my future.

My biggest worry right now is whether my career will go in the right direction or not.

3. My biggest career worry is that I am still not aware of the reason as to why am I pursuing law, forget about what I am going to do in future.

I have had different ambitions in life varying from becoming a cricketer (which almost every guy dreams of) to joining the navy etc.

Ending into a law school was the last thing I could dream of.

Believe it or not, even after completing almost 2 years in a law school what I want after getting graduated, is to become a restaurateur.

My immediate concern is to get decent marks in every semester because no matter how true the idea of “marks not being a true test of knowledge” is, they are the primary criteria for getting recruited, so therefore my sole aim is to get a decent job, earn some good money in 8-10 years and then open a restaurant.

So, yeah the need of scoring good marks consistently for five years gives me nightmares!

Okay so somehow I ended in a law school, now the question was of how to survive here. Frankly I never thought in my wildest of dreams that people can be so competitive.

Almost every second person talks about some “call for papers”, “paper presentation”, “moot court competition” etc and seeing them it feels that I am #1Jobless person in the campus.

It’s not that I don’t want to write a paper or go for a moot but the idea of getting serious regarding building a decent CV hasn’t struck me yet which is another career worry of mine.

I wish that I would have never grown up!

Is the fear of parents bigger than the fear of public speaking?
Is the fear of parents bigger than the fear of public speaking?

4. Amidst the grand viva and the end semester exams , I took a break to think what am I really scared of, what will be the worst nightmares I could have about my career?

Will my choice of opting for a Law graduation be a boon or a bane?

Will my parents be satisfied enough to see me in a law course like they would have been , had I opted for something like engineering.

Will I be able to make people realize that there is a lot more than engineering or medical.

And will I be able to make it big?

As in BIG enough to see that yes people know me , by my name they know what work I’ve done.

Big enough to achieve my parents’ respect for my work.

Big enough to have respect, fame and peace at the same time.

Will I be able to get into a good college for post graduation?

It has been very difficult to convince my parents about law school.

And now that I am here, it is even harder to maintain my stand. I do not want to give them a chance to feel sorry for me.

I want them to be proud of me. and I want to be proud of myself.

It’s time to decide how I want to end up 10 years from now.

My future is what I do today. These questions in my head will just help me get there.


Editor’s note: The post was first published on 26th November 2013.



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