According to a Times of India report published today, all 33,000 OMR sheets of candidates will now undergo a ‘manual check’.

[Editor’s note: is this even possible?]

The registrar of one of the top national law universities from down south shared with TOI, on the condition of anonymity, “The whole ruckus has happened because of the stickers. Every OMR sheet will now go through a manual checking and one can only hope that the re-checking is 100% accurate this time.”

We also are hoping for the same, registrar sir!

The full Times of India news report is HERE.

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  1. I am very much confused to see that for Eg-Box which i marked for Question No. 72 Was actually for question no 71.Like that almost 3/4th of the paper were wrongly printed. Boxes were printed one step down the question.

    In exam I was not able to notice this mistake but today after checking my OMR myself manually I found the mistake.
    I might have marked the right answer but due to OMR mis print i marked wrong box.

    Totally surprised they charge Rs4000 for this quality of exam.

    We demand a Re-Exam !
    Please support us legally India website.
    My email id is –
    Please reply to this friends.
    They played with ones Career.

    If any one wants to check my OMR sheet send ur email to my email id.

    Any one with similar OMR plese contact at

  2. True, they will never be able to undo the mental strain caused by Clat oc- 2014 to 33,000 students, for many of whom CLAT was a life time opportunity.

  3. The damage has already been done.GNLU as the University responsible for holding CLAT 2014 has played with thousands of CLAT aspirants.They,now are going for manual evaluation and one wonders if this process will at all restore faith in the CLAT system.Hope,the entire fiesco comes to an honest end.Even then the CLAT 2014 candidates will always be having doubts on the final outcome of CLAT 2014 results.

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