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3 Law Students Share 8 of Their New Resolutions : One is ‘I want a safer world to live in’

By: Neeati | January 3, 2014

1. Rashmi Shukla, NLU Odisha

Truly said, there is no end to human desires. As I think about all that I want from this year, a million things come to my mind.

Better grades, better internship, better holidays, better clothes, better moments with family and friends, better hair and what not!

Many of these are actually quite essential as well, who wouldn’t want a chance to have a few publications, a chance to win a moot, few prizes in essay competitions and not much but at least a 7 pointer, right?

But as I think about the things I really want, I realize that these are the things that I can easily get on my own but if given a chance to wish for something that I’d want from this year, I’d want things I cannot really rely upon myself for. So here goes my wish list –

  • I want a safer world to live in – Yes, the first and most difficult wish for this year, I wish to have a safer world to live in, and I do not want my mother to worry about me while I am out with my friends in the evening.

I do not want my mother to worry too much while I am in some other city for my internship and I certainly do not want to spend days convincing my mother before I go to Delhi for my internships.

I do not want to feel scared of walking on a lonely road in the dark. I do not want to be in my hostel and think whether or not mother is doing fine at home alone, I want to feel secure, and I want to feel safe.

safe delhi

  • I wish to not feel cheated – So, this year was the first time when I gave a vote! I have been watching my mother do the same over the past 21 years of my life and every year I see her cursing the same government throughout, I do not want that to happen again, I want to be happy about casting my vote for the chosen party and I want to be enthusiastic about the next election so that I can choose the same party again because they did not cheat me, because they did not cheat my nation.

I am not really a patriotic person, but seriously it is tiring and rather infuriating to see your country being treated so badly by people that we choose.

  • I wish to feel free – I do not want to think twice before wearing any clothes I want, I do not want my relatives to tell me the way I should live my life and I definitely do not want any other social factor defining “morality” or “culture” to me.

I want to be able to decide what is right or wrong on my own and I do not want law, society, culture or my peers to decide or judge that for me.

I wish to do whatever my heart desire without having people judging me for the same, I wish to see people having their own life and not interfering with the choice other make in theirs. So yes, lastly, I wish to feel free!

2. Sanjna Vijh, Bharati Vidyapeeth New Law College Pune

Whether we care or not, new year resolutions are things that will make us a better person. Usually we just make a list of things to be done and don’t concentrate on how to make time for them out of our schedule.

This year instead of focusing on the outcomes only, I have decided to find a way to tune in my goals into my daily life. I wish to lose weight, so I’ve decided to sit less and walk more, may be run. I think that’s more doable than sparing out two hours for gym.

The art of early to rise is unknown to me and I must learn it this year, for which I must master the prerequisite of early to bed.

quoraI know this great online forum named Quora, where people can ask questions and get answers to them and answer the questions put up by others.

I wish to visit the forum regularly and become more involved by asking and answering some questions myself. I’ve learnt great stuff on quora and I wish to learn more, for which I’ve installed the quora app on my smartphone!

I wanted to write a research paper and I have found a co-author for the same. We’ve registered ourselves for a paper presentation due this year. I’ll make sure I don’t procrastinate and I wish it turns out to be a rewarding experience.

Most importantly, I want to be more happy and therefore I’ve decided to practice gratefulness daily. I came across this Ted talk and found out that I have been superficial on many levels somewhere which might have made me cranky and upset.

Thus, taking inspiration from this I wish to deal with my problems without considering them a deadlock.

3. Priyanka Saraswat, GLC Mumbai

I’m halfway done with law school. This year I wish to achieve some of the things which have been long overdue, in all honesty.

Things like overcoming laziness and actually writing all those essays and articles I’ve been planning on, especially the ones that I had very enthusiastically began researching over and then just dropped because I got bored of researching.

I really want to brave the waters and go for moots related to the branches of law I cringe from, like International Humanitarian Law, or even Environmental Law.

I can’t stay away from them all my life anyway. It’s time to stop being a picky kid and actually taking up the responsibilities I need to, and studying my subjects is necessarily one of them (just like ages ago, “eating all your greens” used to be).

Aside from that front (and being utterly quixotic and hopeful), I want to finish reading all the new books I have bought. It’s been ages since I spent my time lost in a different world. More than anything, I want to make new mistakes this year, because if you’re making mistakes, you’re doing something.


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