2nd Prof. NR Madhava Menon SAARC Moot 2017 and Law Students Conference [10 – 14 Feb, Noida]: Register by Jan 10

Name of the Event

2nd Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon SAARC Mooting Competition and Law

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The India Rounds were held on 3rd & 4th of December, 2016, wherein five best teams qualified for the SAARC Rounds & Law Students Conference, 2016 – 2017.

These Five teams will be representing India in the SAARC Rounds & Law Students Conference.

The Team will comprise of Four Member. Two members will be oralist, who will represent the team in the Mooting and Two members will be paper presenters, who may act as researchers for the Moot.


The presenters have to prepare a Paper each, on the Theme: ‘Justice to Indigenous People’.


Register by 10th January, 2017

Registration Process

Interested Universities/Colleges of the SAARC Countries (except India) can send the registration form via E-Mail to [email protected]

Registration Fee

There is no registration fee for the SAARC Countries.


The Accommodation will be provided to the teams from 10th February to 14th February 2017.

The Second Prof. NR Madhava Menon SAARC Mooting Competition & Law Students Conference 2016-2017, will be held from 10th to 12th of February, 2017.

The Competition will be followed by a Study Tour to Agra, on 13th February, 2017.


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