1st NLS ADR Tournament [Client Counselling, Mediation, Negotiation]; Register by Feb 20

The 1st Edition of the NLS ADR Tournament, including the National Rounds for the International Negotiation Competition is being organised by National Law School of India University from 9th to 12th April, 2015.

The NLS ADR Tournament includes three competitions- a client counselling competition, a mediation competition and a negotiation competition.

Client Counselling Competition: Each team shall consist of two members. The Competition simulates a law office consultation in which two law students, acting as lawyers are presented with a hypothetical dispute brought before them by a Client-actor.

The students are expected to extract the relevant information from the client by conducting an interview, outlining the nature of the problem, and presenting the client with legal means and a range of alternatives to resolve the problem.

The interview with the client is followed by a post-consultation period during which the students, in the absence of the client, analyze the interview and discuss the course of action.

Mediation Competition: Each team shall consist of three members. One member shall act as the mediator in each round and the other two shall form an attorney-client team.

The problems for each round will be released a few weeks before the Tournament and the participants shall negotiate the given problem with another team representing the opposite party.

The same will be done with the assistance of two mediators, neither of whom shall belong to the same institution/school as the client-attorney teams.

Negotiation Competition: Each team shall consist of two members who will be representing their clients as attorneys in the negotiation competition.

Each team will have to submit a strategy paper for the problems in the preliminary rounds a few weeks before the competition. The same will be a part of the evaluation criteria.

The winners of the Final Rounds of the Negotiation competition will represent India in the International Rounds of the International Negotiation Competition (INC) to be organised in Ireland from July 6 to July 10, 2015.

Please find the link to the official website of the competition here.

Each competition has a cap of 16 teams on a first come first serve basis.

Universities may participate in any or all of the competitions, however, preference will be given to those universities participating in all three competitions. Universities may also send multiple teams.

However, second slots will be confirmed at the end of the provisional registration period.

Rules and cases will be sent to all teams upon registration.

The last date for provisional registration is 20th February.

The Provisional Registration form can be found HERE.

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