Call for Papers: 1st International Congress on Human Rights and Duties [Dec 10, Odisha]; Submit Abstracts by Oct 15

Call for Papers

Papers are invited for the first international Congress on Human Rights and Duties, on the eve of International Human Rights Day organized by Yadam Institute of Research which is India’s first Human Rights and Duties Research Center. The Aim of the conference is to bring the best intellects from the world together. It is more than a conventional congress because every selected participant is a human rights leader, researcher and mentor. We have the policy of selecting best participants from the world.


a. Human Duties and Responsibilities;

b. Women & Child Rights;

c. Gender Issues and Challenges;

d. Environmental and Animal Rights;

e. Social Problem, Violence & Violations;

f. Crime & Juvenile Delinquency;

g. Indigenous & Tribal Rights Issues;

h. Philosophy of various human rights;

i. Perspective, thinking and theories of various human rights.

j. Business and Human Rights;

k. Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility.

l. Domestic Violence and Family Conflicts;

m. Political Science concerning human rights and duties;

n. Sociology Concerning Human Rights and Duties;

o. Sociology concerning human society, rights protection and promotion;

p. Human Responsibility towards society & environment;

q. Human rights and humanitarian education;

r. International & Humanitarian Law;

s. Poverty and Related Issues; Human Sciences.

Important Dates

Abstracts Submission Deadline: 15/October/2015

Full Paper Submission Deadline:15/November/2015

Registration fee Deadline:15/November/2015

Author’s Guidelines:

1. Title: Paper must have a title. All capital fronts. 12 PTS, Times New Roman, Line spacing:1.0, Center Alignment.

2. Author’s Introduction: Followed by the title there is required of Author’s Name, designation, institution and contact details (4 to 5 lines). Front 11 PTS, Times New Roman, Line Spacing 1.0, Center Alignment.

3. Abstracts: Next to the Author’s Introduction, Abstract is required: Front 11 PTS Times New Roman, (50 words), Line Spacing: 1.0

4. Keywords: Five Key Words, Front: 11 PTS, Italicized, Times New Roman, Alphabetical Order.

5. Summary: (1000 to 4000 words)

6. Front: 12 PTS, Times New Roman, Line Spacing:1.0

7. References: 10 PTS, Times New Roman, Line Spacing: 1.0

8. Avoid Tables and Diagrams. Where utmost import ant should be added.

9. Theoretical scripting is highly considered.

10. Affix a pass photo and scanned signature (Black Pen) add at the end of research paper (Soft Copy).

Financial Details: 

The Authors of selected papers will be provided the details of payment through mail.

Contact: ;


More details for registration can be accessed HERE.

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