RESULTS: 1st ILS National Alternate Judgment Writing Competition 2014-15

The Results of the Competition are now out!

First Prize: Aastha Mehta, Gujarat National Law University

Second Prize: Manoj Reddy and Kavya Velagala, ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad

Note from Organisers:

We received 15 entries from colleges across the country. Due to the less number of entries, we decided not to conduct the second round and confine the prizes to only two.

Original Post:

ILS Pune is pleased to announce the First National Alternate Judgment Writing competition. Prizes for this competition are sponsored by the Nani Palkhivala Foundation.

This competition involves preparation of an alternative draft of a judgment by the participant on a case which has already been decided by the Supreme Court or a High Court.

Participant must be able to problematize an original existing judgment and should prepare an alternative judgment which should be considered as a substitute to the existing one by the Examiners of the competition.

Participants need not restrict to the order or findings expressed in the original judgment; they may arrive at their own conclusion and order.

Arguments and reasoning need not be restricted to that expressed in the original judgment.

The Original judgment: Vishwa Lochan Madan v. Union of India (2014) 7 SCC 707, AIR 2014 SC 2957.


Any Law College or Law University can send only one entry.

One or two students can represent an institution. The student author/s of the alternate judgment shall be pursuing the 5-year or 3-year LL.B. course or LL.M.

The Competition

The competition will have two rounds:

First Round – All alternate judgments received will be assessed, and 10 will be selected for the second round.

Second Round – Student authors of these 10 judgments shall make oral presentations of their drafts in the ILS Law College.

Oral presentations of 10 selected judgments shall be held during the 4th week of February. The exact dates will be communicated to the participants before 10 February 2015.

Full details are HERE.

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