1st Chandigarh University National Moot Court Competition, 2016


UILS, Chandigarh University


18th – 19th March, 2016

Important Dates

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Moot Problem

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1. Winning Team Award: The winning team will receive a trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000/-

2. Runners-Up Team Award: The runners up team will receive a trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 50,000/-

3. 2nd RUNNERS UP- The 2nd Runners Up shall be awarded a cash price of Rs. 25,000/-

4. Best Student Advocate/Counsel-The Best Student Advocate/Counsel, shall be awarded a cash price of Rs. 10,000/-

5. Best Memorial/Written Submission- The team making the best Written Submission/Memorial, shall be awarded a cash price of Rs. 10,000/-

Registration Form

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Registration Fee

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All clarifications regarding the Moot Problem should be sent to uils.ankita@cumail.in

No question / clarification over phone / any means other than e-mail shall be entertained.

For further details, click HERE.

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  1. Hello sir, we just want to ask, what sort of laws going to apply in this case ?
    Indian laws / Nepal laws.. ?
    actually, you should clear cut about the laws , then it will help us to decide the jurisdiction.

  2. . Apart from these, in order to seek clarifications through telephone, the host must have provided any phone number. Please clarify the participants with our issues. Regards and Thanks.

  3. Hello. Needless to say, the above clarifications have not been sought yet. Apart from these, in order to seek clarifications through telephone, the host must have provided any phone number. Please clarify the participants with our issues. Regards and Thanks.

  4. 1.When is the last date for the registration of the competition (ie when you require the name of the team members participating from the college) whether it is 5th Feb or 15 Feb ?

    2.You also have mentioned that you will be giving a confirmation of the participation but you are asking the registration money of 3000 before confirming the participation. Please throw some light on this issue

    3.What about the accommodation for outstation participants ?

  5. Queries are not entertained yet! The proposition is so vague not been drafted well. I asked some professors and lawyers for guidance but they said this propositions lacks clarity on so many aspects!!

    • The moot problem will be the same for all teams, no? So a ‘vague’ problem is ‘vague’ for all, and might have intentionally kept vague so as to solicit more arguments.

    • Dr. Puja Jaiswal

      The Competition is on 18-19 March, 2016.
      the time line is as under
      1. Registration for the competition, by email at director.uils@cumail.in, puja.jaiswal@cumail.in,
      uils.ankita@cumail.in 05th February, 2016
      2. Submission of scanned copy of duly filled registration form, demand draft of Rs. 3000/- (Rupees Three Thousand only) 15th February, 2016
      3. Confirmation of registration/participation 17th February, 2016
      4. Memorial Submission 25th February, 2016 by 4:00 p.m.
      5. Inaugural function/draw of lots/exchange of memorials, etc 18th March, 2016
      6. Round-I (Preliminary & Quarter-Final Rounds) 18th March, 2016
      7. Round-II (Semi-Final & Final Rounds) 19th March, 2016
      8. Prize Distribution/Valedictory Function 19th March, 2016

      Visit our website-http://www.cuchd.in/

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