[1825]: The Tree and the House OR The 5 Years in Law School

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By Tanuj Kalia

A majestic house stood proudly on a fertile but underutilized piece of land. There was no other house nearby. No trees. And not even a human being.

One night, a seed was caught unawares by the wind and placed gently on that land. The seed waited with a bated breath to see what the new environs held for him.

The next morning, when the Seed woke up, he was greeted by the House with a loud “Hello Kid”!

The seed managed to squeak a “Hello Sir“! And then, on a sudden realisation, he cried “Ah! I am in pain”.

“You are turning into a Plant”, said the House, “Any transformation takes pain and time”.


The House and the Plant were now friends. The one year old Plant glistened with a green vigor now.

One day, the windows of the House were shut and smashed with such force, that it woke up the Plant. “It’s a storm, Kid. Brace-up”.

The young plant clenched his roots and readied his stem for the assault. The storm threatened to tear-up the Plant.

Bend”, said the House, “Bend, don’t resist. Or you’ll break”.


Next year, the Plant, now a little Tree, bore his first flowers, “I am so beautiful”, he pronounced.


On the fourth year, the plant, now a big Tree shed all its flowers, “Don’t worry”, said the Tree, “You are still beautiful. The flowers will come again”.

The Sun hasn’t shone on me for days. What should I do?”

You can’t do much. Wait for the Sun to shine again”.


The Tree was now an adult.

It’s time to move now”, said the House.

Trees don’t move”, said the Tree.

If you won’t move, you won’t move ahead”, said the House.

It’s painful Sir, this business of goodbye. I’ll never forget the time we spent”.

Every transformation takes pain and time”.


The Tree realized it could move. And it moved well.

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