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17 Law Graduates Who Cleared UPSC Civil Services Exam 2015-16 [TO BE UPDATED]

By: The Admin | May 25, 2016

UPSC Civil Services Examination is a grueling journey. The following law graduates have come out victorious! Congratulations to them!

This list will be updated as we come to hear of more names.

If you are in the know of a law graduate who has cleared the exam, please leave a comment.

The all India ranks are given in brackets.

AIL Mohali

1. Gaurav Garg (320)

2. Sanjhi Jain (579)

3. Deepak Chaudhary (681)

4. Abhishek Kumar Bansal (493)

NLU Jodhpur

5. Sheema Nabi Qasba (209)

6. Prateeti Goyal (470)

7. Alok Chaturvedi (561)

8. Nidhi Barad (887)

RMLNLU, Lucknow

9. Misha Singh (64)

10. Rahul Ratnam Pandey (590)

NLIU Bhopal

11. Nivedita Naidu (159)

12. Rhea Joshi (425)


13. Shashank Reddy (240)- NLSIU Bangalore

14. Farha Hussain (267)- GLC Mumbai

15. Shriya Gupta (481)- GNLU Gandhinagar

16. Chandan Prakash Pandey (462)- CNLU Patna

17. Noor Shergill (510)- Symbiosis, Pune

Our interviews of the Civil Services Toppers of the 2013 exam

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