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Boston, We Too Have Amputated Legs

amputated legs, boston, marathon, bombing, tragedy

We too have amputated legs
But they don’t become news
Because we have too many of them.
By Tanuj Kalia

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[1825]: The Tree and the House OR The 5 Years in Law School

law student life, law school life

The next morning, when the Seed woke up, he was greeted by the House with a loud “Hello Kid”!

The seed managed to squeak a “Hello Sir”! And then, on a sudden realisation, he cried “Ah! I am in pain”.

“You are turning into a Plant”, said the House, “Any transformation takes pain and time” By Tanuj Kalia

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Lawctopus’ Discussion on Starting-Up in Law School: March 20th | 10 PM | 45 Minutes @ Lawctalk

Aruj Garg (5th year, NLSIU and founder of Bhukkad) and Tanuj Kalia (5th year, NUJS and founder of Lawctopus) will answer your questions (on Lawctalk, the forum) related to starting-up, entrepreneurship and doing business. Aruj’s Bhukkad is a food start-up and provides an alternative to canteens. Lawctopus is a media start-up catering to law students in India.

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