Galgotias University’s National Legal Essay Competition NLEC 2015: Submit by Sep 15


1. Attempt to suicide should or should not be punishable.
2. Does the National Judicial Appointments Commission Act ensure independence of Indian Judiciary?
3. Limited Liability Partnership: Balance between partnership and company.
4. Women in Board of Directors: Breaking the Glass or meeting statutory provisions
5. Judicial Activism: Destroying the Human Rights jurisprudence?

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All India Law Student Association’s AILSA National Legal Essay Competition NLEC 2014; Submit by April 15; Prizes Worth Rs. 26,70,000

NLEC’14 or National Legal Essay Competition is the flagship event organised by AILSA. It provides a platform to the students enrolled in law schools and colleges all over the country to express their views on topics based on different avenues of the legal field.

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All India Law Students Association’s National Legal Essay Competition NLEC 2013; Submit by Dec 31

Prizes to be won (Subject to increment on revision):

1st Prize : Worth Rs. 25,000
2nd Prize : Worth Rs. 15,000
3rd Prize : Worth Rs. 10,000

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