Bloomberg TV Interview: Rainmaker’s Nikhil Chandra on Legal Learning for Everyone


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All-Expenses-Paid US International Student Program at Charlotte Law School: Apply by Jul 26


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Why is giving all its courses free? – From the Founder

With the start of this New Year, I’m going to break the cardinal rule of any business – don’t give anything free. is open to all! We are offering you almost any course of your choice on for free for an entire month!

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Via 8 clauses that you will come across in business contracts


Read More’s Certification of Specialisation in Practical Legal Skills | Get for Rs. 12,400 not 16,400 | Register by March 31

Unfortunately, a lot of us tend to underestimate the importance of these skills. But did you know that these are the Practical Legal Skills that recruiters, peers, seniors and the whole legal community will judge you on? Unless you show exceptional abilities in these areas, your professional career will go nowhere.

Read More’s Online Courses – Video Testimonial [Locate your Classmates!]

Students tell how MyLaw courses are. Of course it’s an advertisement, but we like the output and Hey! Is that your friend in the video?

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After a lot of research, a close study of global trends and developments in online learning and going through all your feedback and suggestions, we bring you a suite of new programmes structured to allow you to choose exactly what you need.

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MyLaw’s “A Question of Law” [Quiz] : Nov 26, Delhi

On Tuesday, November 26, come celebrate the law with us. Get offers on drinks, test your knowledge on awesome legal trivia, win cool prizes, and have a great evening of fun!

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