Internship @ JSA, New Delhi: Good Infrastructure, Research Work, 1500/Week Stipend {S}

Good to work with JSA and excellent work environment and experience to gain.

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Internship Experience @ Jyoti Sagar Associates (JSA), Delhi: Rs. 1500/Week Stipend

By Dhananjaya Sud, BVDU New Law College Pune, V Year.

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Internship @ Jyoti Sagar Associates JSA, Delhi: No Dearth of Work, 6000 Stipend [+ 2 Fabulous Internship Tips]

Make sure he hears your name and college, so s/he will remember you when s/he’s looking at the online applications. Another tip worth mentioning: Remember to keep the dates you are applying for sufficiently vague, unless you absolutely cannot compromise.

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