JOB POST: Greenpeace India is Hiring a Fundraiser: Apply by Aug 31

Good communication skills.
Good presentation skills.
Ready to do field work.

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Internship @ Greenpeace India, Pune: Flexible Timings, Fundraising Activities, Stipend of Rs.200/Day

Work environment is very friendly interns and the employees are treated equally. Occasionally we were called for team outing.Once the whole Greenpace pune team including the interns went for a movie. So, it was not only a internship full of learning but also a internship full of fun.

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Greenpeace India Invites Internship Applications for Fundraisers; Chennai Based; Apply by May 20; Min Duration 30 Days

The role of a Fundraiser is to raise awareness about Greenpeace Campaigns to people on the street, at public places, offices, on phone and at their homes and inspire them to contribute funds and become financial supporters of Greenpeace.

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