1st NUALS CIPR National Essay Competition 2015: Submit by May 31 | Prizes Worth Rs. 10,000

All the entries should be mailed to [email protected] on or before 31st of May, 2015. The essays will be valued by a panel of experts and the decision of the organizers shall be final.

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INBA’s Competition Law Essay Competition 2014; Submit by Nov 15; Prizes Worth Rs. 2 Lakh 30 Thousand Rupees

1st Prize : Worth Rs. 1,10,000 | Cash : Rs. 50,000

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CIRC Essay Competition on Competition Policy and Law; Economic Regulation; Submit by March 15

The themes for the competition are ‘Competition Policy & Law’ and ‘Economic Regulation’ in India. The essay should depict/highlight the socio-legal and policy issues, with special reference to India.

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