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Internship Experience @ MD&T Partners, Bangalore: Corporate Law Work, Went back for another time!

Name, College & Year Ananya Banerjee, University of Calcutta (Department of Law), Fifth Year. Although, when I interned there, I was in my Fourth Year of...

Internship @ Sreevatsa Associates, Bangalore: Observe senior advocates argue in Court!

Sir interacts with the interns. You can ask any clarification regarding research and other things also. You will be treated as colleague. By Madhubala Solanki, DSNLU Vishakhapatnam (3rd year)

Internship Experience @ Argus Partners, Bangalore: Lunch hour is the ‘getting enlightened’ hour

"Internship is not about researching stuff, but to learn about professional life, so that we are prepared for the future"- said one of the associates at Argus Partners, Bangalore.