Statement of Stella James [SC Judge Sexual Harassment Case]

Statement of Stella James. First published on JILS here.

At around 2.30 pm today, a friend who practices in the Supreme Court called me up to inform that the Chief Justice has formed a committee to look into the issues raised in my blog post.

Since yesterday, a lot of media persons have tried to contact me – either directly or through the journal. Since the committee has now been constituted, I will depose before the Hon’ble judges. Thus, it won’t be appropriate for me to speak to members of the media anymore. Moreover, I have nothing more to say than whatever I have already said in my blog post and the interview I gave to Legally India. I hope all of you will understand my need for privacy.

I thank everyone who have been sending me supportive messages. In times like this, words of wisdom from seniors and good luck messages from friends help a lot. I was particularly touched by the numerous messages which I received from girls who have been at the receiving end of sexual harassment themselves.

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  1. Congrats to Lawctopus for boldly breaking this new first. But will you have similar courage to follow up on the latest report by Outlook on the ties between the NUJS VC and the judge?

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