Pure Law’s Constitutional Law Essay Writing Competition; Submit by March 1


Winners will receive a Certificate of Appreciation.

Additionally, participants will receive a Certificate of participation.


To qualify, please submit entries to [email protected] by 11.59 PM on SATURDAY, 1st MARCH 2014.


The contest is open to students from recognized law universities in India.


1. Unconstitutional Amendments to the Constitution of India.

2. Past and Future of Public Interest Litigation.

3. Right to life= Right to die?


Essay length: 2000 words max

All essays must be original. Plagiarized essays will be eliminated.

The essays must have a cover page containing the name of the Participant, address, e-mail id, contact number and name of the college/university.

For enquiries contact: [email protected]


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Comments Till Now

  1. The results of the competition will be declared by April 14th and we believe that information was received by all participants. We have replied to queries as soon as we could and any inconvenience caused is regretted.

  2. when and how will we get to know the result? please reply soon. we are waiting eagerly.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Would the article get published

  4. Should a bibliography also be made . If so , would it be part of the 2000 word limit ?

  5. what EXACTLY IS PURE LAW???

    last time there was christ univ essay comp which turned out to be a FAKE!

  6. is the word limit of 2000 words inclusive or exclusive of footnotes.. also can we stick to any of the citation style as long as it is uniform ?

  7. Ayush Gautsm says:

    These are the themes. Choose one theme and write on that..

  8. What is pure law??

  9. Anonymous says:

    what is exactly pure law? will the articles get published ?

  10. We have provided three themes. You can choose any one and write on it. Co-authorship upto two persons will be entertained. Only one entry per person/team is permitted. The essays must have footnotes conforming with the authoritative standard rules of legal citation.

  11. divya kathuria says:

    does the participant need to write on all the 3 themes given or only one?

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