PETITION: Amend Section 66A and relook at the Internet laws – Protect our #freedomofspeech

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Section 66A under the IT Act needs to be amended and redefined. It is against the freedom of speech guaranteed under the Indian Constitution.

In the last few months a number of cases have come to light on how Section 66A is being arbitrarily used by the law enforcement agencies to arrest citizens for posting comments on the internet and social networking websites.

This  is the same section which took Ambikesh Mahapatra to jail for emailing a cartoon of the West Bengal Chief Minister to his friends, to arrest Shaheen Dhada for posting a comment on Facebook, to harass Renu, her friend for liking that comment or for taking Ravi to the police station for tweeting about a politician’s  son.

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  1. Argha Kumar Jena says:

    The section 66A of The IT Act is considerably amendable but barring the provisions of punishment for the one’s who engage into defamation and sedition, failing which this measure or proposal shall revert back.

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