NALSAR Gives Transcripts Minus Mister & Missues to Mx Mukherjee

According to a LegallyIndia report, Nalsar Hyderabad has possibly granted India’s first ever graduation certificate [to Anindita Mukherjee] with the gender-neutral honourific “Mx”, instead of “Mr”, “Ms”, “Miss” or “Mrs”.

Amita Dhanda, convenor of the academics and examinations committee, in a comment to LegallyIndia said: “Our progressive approach has helped us take this small step to recognise gender fluidity and self identification.”

Anindita Mukherjee told LegallyIndia: I asked the NALSAR administration to use Mx. because I did not see any reason why my transcripts or academic records needed to carry markers of my gender identity, especially given that I am still uncertain as to how I wish to identify.

Read the full piece on LegallyIndia HERE.

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  1. Vasundhara Ravi says:

    When a step so bold be taken, why not go a step further ahead and not use a prefix at all? Our name is an identity in itself, is it not?!?

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