DOWNLOAD BEST 6 MEMORIALS: HNMCC 2014- HNLU’s 7th Justice Hidayatullah Memorial Moot

Winning team [Appellant] | Sastra University

Winning team [Respondent] | Sastra University

Runners-up team [Appellant] | SLS, Noida

Runners-up team [Respondent] SLS Noida

Best Memo Winning Team [Appellant] | NALSAR Hyderabad

Best Memo Winning Team [Respondent] | NALSAR Hyderabad

A big thank you to Udayan Sanyal and Tushar Khanna!

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  1. useless memos says:

    Just curious
    Did you post the wrong Memo as your winning team Memo. It has just 7 pages of argument advanced and is a disgrace on the use of English language.

  2. Mike Ross says:

    The formatting of the memorials is getting messed up after downloading. Please upload the .Pdf.

    Thank you.

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